EIZOOK Silicone Straws Set - 6 Reusable Bent Straws

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EIZOOK Silicone Straw Set - 6 Reusable Curved Straws - 23 cm - Durable and Hygienic - 2 Cleaning Brushes - Includes Storage Bag - BPA Free - Tooth Protective

Give the environment a helping hand and use the EIZOOK sustainable reusable silicone Drink straws that you can reuse indefinitely.

✔ The best choice
Plastic straws are usually not cleaned and look cheap and non-economic and environmentally friendly. Take our reusable silicone straws for a healthier and more conscious choice!
Each set comes with 2 free cleaning brushes and a handy storage bag.

✔ Durability

Because the straw is made of sustainable material, they are permanently reusable, so you don't have to recycle them. The environment is given a helping hand here and you opt for a sustainable one.

✔ Flexibility

The silicone reusable drinking straws can be folded and stored easily in the pouch. Among other things, it is super easy for traveling.

How do I clean the reusable straws?

The silicone reusable drinking straws are dishwasher safe, but not for use in the microwave. So, to clean them, just put the silicone reusable drinking straws in the dishwasher. Or use the cleaning brushes that come with the package.

Are the silicone reusable drinking straws safe?

Yes. Not only are our silicone reusable drinking straws 100% BPA free / non-toxic and safe for your overall health, the soft, flexible bend-like material of our straws keeps children and adults safe from eye contact, pharynx and they are tooth protective.

Is it a safe silicone reusable drinking straw for hot drinks and cold drinks?

Because silicone does not absorb heat or cold like glass, metal and plastic straws, the silicone reusable drinking straws do not quickly become too hot or too cold when drinking a hot or cold drink.

For which drinks are these reusable silicone drinking straws suitable?

These silicone reusable drinking straws are particularly suitable for normal drinks such as cocktails, children's bottles, cups or with a glass of water. Our silicone reusable drinking straws are the size of normal straws.

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I use straws to preserve my teeth when drinking.
After the plastic straws disappeared from the shelves I had to look for other ones, tried paper and metal straws. No success.
These silicone straws are the most pleasant to drink with, partly because they are flexible and you can determine the flow.
And they are soft which makes them nice for your teeth. (not like stainless steel straws that keep banging against your teeth)

The brushes are useful for cleaning the inside of the straws. We rinse them immediately after each use, so you prevent milk residues from remaining.

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